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Country profile: Andorra

Almost hidden on the border between France and Spain the tiny principality of Andorra is a land of narrow valleys and mountainous landscapes.

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Map of Andrra



The mainstay of the economy is tourism.

An estimated 10 million people visit each year drawn by the winter sports summer climate and duty-free goods.



The banking sector also enjoys a tax-haven status.

For more than 700 years Andorra has been ruled jointly by the leader of France and the Spanish Bishop of Urgel.

The first Andorran Constitution was passed in 1993 establishing a parliamentary co-principality.

The co-princes remain Andorra's heads of state but the roles are largely honorary.


  • Full name: The Principality of Andorra
  • Population: 82000 (UN 2009)
  • Capital: Andorra la Vella
  • Major languages: Catalan Spanish French
  • Major religion: Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 81 years (men) 87 years (women)
  • Monetary unit: 1 euro = 100 cents
  • Main exports: Leather goods
  • GNI per capita: n/a
  • Internet domain: .ad
  • International dialling code: +376


Co-heads of state: Joan Enric Vives i Sicilia Bishop of Urgel Spain and Nicolas Sarkozy of France

Prime minister: Jaume Bartumeu Cassany

Jaume Bartumeu Cassany was sworn in as the head of government on 5 June 2009. He is a founding member of the Social Democratic Party (PS) and previously served on the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly. He has worked as a lawyer since 1982.

The Social Democratic Party (PS) won parliamentary elections in April 2009 with 14 out of the total of 28 seats in the General Council.


The Andorran media scene has been partly shaped by the country's proximity to France and Spain.

Andorrans have access to broadcasts from both countries and for many years Andorra was home to Sud Radio a powerful radio station broadcasting to southwest France.

The constitution provides for freedom of speech and of the press.

The press


  • TVA - public operated by Radio i Televisio d'Andorra



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