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With an increasing emphasis being laid on the research and development of various chemicals, the chemical industry has seen a rapid growth in recent times. Taking opportunity of these conditions, Taj Chemicals Division was established in the year 2007. We are a reputed manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of chemicals.

The Chemicals business sector focuses on high-quality chemical products for technically demanding applications in R&D and industry. Many years of experience and innovative product solutions make us a preferred partner for laboratories and production.

Let us take you on a journey into our world of research to discover new approaches that could prove useful in your work. In regular intervals we'll be introducing you to interesting topics, this week "On the way to a bright future"

A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that manufactures (or otherwise processes) chemicals, usually on a large scale. The general objective of a chemical plant is to create new material wealth via the chemical or biological transformation and or separation of materials. Chemical plants use special equipment, units, and technology in the processes. Other kinds of plants, such as polymer, pharmaceutical, food, and some beverage production facilities, power plants, oil refineries or other refineries, natural gas processing and biochemical plants, water and wastewater treatment, and pollution control equipment use many technologies which have similarities to chemical plant technology such as fluid systems. Some would consider an oil refinery or a pharmaceutical or polymer manufacturer to be effectively a chemical plant.

This facility has over 85 reactors of varied metallurgy including titanium, cast alloy, graphite, PVDF and PTFE with over 300 kl of handling capacity together with several centrifuges, driers and varied production equipment. The facilities are versatile and are capable of carrying out varied reactions ranging from -70c to +150c.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has the capability to handle highly complex and hazardous reactions with utmost safety and productivity. Taj operations are backed by a full spectrum of utilities including a captive power generation plant, high technology solvent recovery facilities, sophisticated quality control equipment and a 'zero discharge' environment-friendly effluent treatment plant.

Petrochemical plant (plants using petroleum as a raw material) are usually located adjacent to an oil refinery to minimize transportation costs for the feedstocks produced by the refinery. Specialty chemical plants are usually much smaller and not as sensitive to location.

Business today face far more competition and external influences then they did five to 10 years ago. Competing in today's global economy can be tough for the small to midsize business (SMB). Smaller organization faces the same market pressure as the Global 2000. They are challenged by the need the customer and compliance mandates, manage supplier effectively, control Costs, and gain new customers to grow the business.

For the majority of firms in this industry, the actual manufacture of drugs is the last stage in a lengthy process that begins with scientific research to discover new products and to improve or modify existing ones. The R&D departments in pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing firms start this process by seeking and rapidly testing libraries of thousands to millions of new chemical compounds with the potential to prevent, combat, or alleviate symptoms of diseases or other health problems. Scientists use sophisticated techniques, including computer simulation, combinatorial chemistry, and high-through-put screening, to hasten and simplify the discovery of potentially useful new compounds.


Laboratory Space

The companies modern laboratories readily serve most general chemical R&D needs, with specific labs designed to optimally support activities such as organic synthesis, instrumental analysis, process development or intermediate scale-up work. Approximately 25,000 square feet of laboratory space will accommodate 100 individual scientists including research personnel, corporate research partners.

Office Space

Much of the approximately 2,000 square feet of office area within the Plant is designed to support staff functioning in support of laboratory-based enterprises. There is, however, some opportunity to expand office space for operations that would complement the mission of the company.

Floor Plan
Below is a drawing of the ground level floor plan of the Taj Pharma Chemical Plant. On this level - the atrium, auditorium, library, front office, conference areas and various laboratory spaces.

The pilot plant area can be seen located in the central part of the building. Additional laboratory, office, pilot plant and other working space exists on the floors above and below the one shown here.

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