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International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing

Unique Attributes

The International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing is positioned as a leading specialist reference resource of academic information and analysis on pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing, highlighting cutting edge research, new concepts and theories, and fresh practical ideas and initiatives that can be readily applied in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. This journal has four unique attributes, all of which contribute towards making this an eclectic journal.

This journal is the first of its kind that combines healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, as these are intrinsically linked in policy, perspectives, and operations.

By focusing on both pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, this journal explores issues of both physical goods marketing (pharmaceutical products) and services marketing (healthcare).

This journal attempts to combine rigour and relevance by integrating theory and practice in its approach. While academic rigour is achieved through high quality reviewers and authors, practical relevance remains a necessary yardstick for selection of papers in the journal.

This journal brings together perspectives from business and science and thus contributes to society.

Above all, the journal has a strong multi-disciplinary and an international orientation.

Applying the marketing concept in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors has recently caught the attention of scholars and practitioners alike. However, marketing theory as applied to these sectors remains relatively under-explored. The purpose of this new journal is to bridge this gap, and to advance our theoretical and empirical understanding of marketing pharmaceutical products and healthcare services.

Key benefits

The journal provides an intellectual platform for discussion and dissemination of new ideas and latest research in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing. The aim of this journal is to publish articles that enrich the practice of pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing while simultaneously making significant contributions to the theoretical advancement of the discipline. All articles appearing in the journal are double-blind peer reviewed to ensure academic rigour and practical relevance.

The Editor welcomes submissions offering insights on any of the critical issues in pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing. All papers will be required to have a strong marketing or management perspective and will need to make a distinct contribution to the emerging research on the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Empirical research, conceptual papers, literature reviews, case studies, quantitative models, qualitative studies, pedagogical innovations (syllabus development), and book reviews are all welcome. Papers can adopt a historical perspective, a current perspective or a future perspective.

This journal will also be an innovative practice reference that will supply pharmaceutical company management as well as healthcare service providers and managers with insights, techniques and strategies to gain competitiveness and best satisfy their customers. The journal will publish one practitioner perspective in each issue, reporting on the latest strategies, new thinking and initiatives being applied.


A wide variety of topics will be suitable for this journal and might include (but is not limited to) the key research areas mentioned below:

Strategic Issues

Strategic Marketing in pharmaceutical and healthcare
Industry analysis and market structure
Competitive strategies in pharmaceutical industry
Mergers and acquisitions in pharmaceutical industry
Aligning stakeholder perceptions
Corporate level marketing – corporate image, identity, reputation, trust
Corporate responses to drug failure, recall, and lawsuits
Marketing Research in Health Care

Marketing mix issues

Sales strategies in pharmaceutical industry
Direct to consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals
Branding of medicine and healthcare
Product classification and categorization
Product-related decisions and strategies
Packaging and labeling
Pricing issues
Hospital marketing and public relations
Communication mix, process and systems, and alternative promotional strategies
Promotional spending and comparative account
Distribution Policies

New product development and technology issues

Healthcare product development
New drug development
R & D and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry
Disruptive innovation and diffusion
Digital and online medicine
Diffusion of radical innovations
Patient information systems and electronic medical records
Internet pharmaceutical sales
Automated health related information services
Role of technology in diagnosis and treatment

Healthcare systems and recent developments

National health services
Managed care systems
Disease management
Private versus public healthcare
Group practice marketing
Mental health marketing
Long-term care marketing
Marketing of ambulatory care
Alternative care programs
Evidence-based health management
Gene therapy, bio-technology, stem cells, customized medicine

Public policy and macromarketing issues

Healthcare economics and macro-level strategies
Role of regulatory agencies, e.g., FDA
Public health and social marketing
Ethics and public policy issues
Non profit organizations and social services in healthcare
Socio Economic Impact: AIDS, Avian Flu, Mad Cow Disease & other epidemics
Toxicity and side effects of drugs
De-marketing of injurious consumption

Performance issues

Efficiency of healthcare systems
Healthcare customer satisfaction measurement
Productivity assessment in healthcare
Benchmarking healthcare services and performance
Cost Benefit Studies of Medicines and Cure

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour in healthcare and pharma
Consumer-driven healthcare
Health education
Influencing attitudes and beliefs
Consumer choice of healthcare options
Relationship management in healthcare
Segmentation of healthcare consumers
Patient empowerment
Physicians’ drug prescribing behaviour
Elderly care (geriatrics)
Lifestyle and health products – organics, nutriceuticals
Perceptions of health and quality of life

International and Globalization issues

Emerging country scenarios
International dimensions – comparative healthcare systems
Standardization versus adaptation across countries
Internationalization of Healthcare Services
Pharmaceutical Marketing in the global marketplace

Value chain analysis

HMOs and the distribution channel
Health insurance
Drug wholesaling and retailing
Physical distribution and logistics
OTC channels

Managing marketing systems

Management of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers
Marketing organization structures

Service marketing issues

Service quality in healthcare
Internal marketing in frontline health services
Service delivery in healthcare
Service design, blueprinting and guarantees

Key journal audiences

  Marketing scholars willing to share their latest research, keeping up with the latest research, or seeking classroom examples in the area of pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing

Management, strategy and business scholars willing to share their latest research, keeping up with the latest research, or seeking classroom examples in the area of pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing

Pharmacy, health administration and public health scholars willing to share their latest research, keeping up with the latest research, or seeking classroom examples in the area of pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing

Students in marketing, business, pharmacy or public health departments, who will take a course on Healthcare and/or Pharmaceutical Marketing at undergraduate or graduate level

Managers working in the pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare sector including hospitals and health clinics, public health organizations, health regulatory agencies, etc., who would like to keep abreast of the latest research in the field

All stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, such as healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, caregivers, veterinary, etc.), patients and consumers, pharmacists, drug manufacturers, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, health insurers and others in this field.

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