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Taj Pharmaceuticals is a soft gelatin contract manufacturer, which specialises in nutraceutical food supplement production, pharmaceutical global contract manufacturing and soft gelatin capsules using soft gels encapsulate. The company also has its own brands launched in more than 30 countries with sustainable yearly growth.

Taj Pharmaceuticals was the leading company to develop liquid formulation of Loratadine encapsulated in a soft gelatin capsule. Currently we are working on number of generic formulations for our branded products as well as for our clients. On request we are able to supply references from our clients.

Quality and Technology
Taj Pharmaceuticals is able to ensure the highest manufacturing standards of its products. The plant has been audited many times by domestic and foreign inspectors checking the conditions of pharmaceutical production, and by foreign customers commissioning production in Taj Pharmaceuticals. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments inspect all processes taking place within the company for their compliance with the quality requirements binding in Semi-Regulated Market. GLP certification confirms high quality of the analytical tests carried out in the R&D and Quality Control laboratories. The automated and computerized production process has been prepared with cooperation with leading equipment suppliers from Germany and Italy. GMP quality assurance procedures guarantee a peak performance of all products.

The key advantage of Taj Pharmaceuticals company is primarily the efficiently managed, highly qualified and otivated staff, experienced in implementation of new projects from the basics. So far the company has launched 270 own products on the African market and obtained more than 40 foreign registrations. These figures prove competence and experience of the Research and Development Department and the Technology Departments which prepare new formulations and implement new processes, as well as of the egulatory Affairs Department preparing registration documentation and conducting the registration process for the new medications.


Encapsulation Machine

Weight: approx 1,900 kgs
Main motor: 2.2kw
Electric power: 15kw(220/380V,50/60HZ)
Size of die roll: 150 x 250mm
Dimension: 2,000(L) x 810(W) x 1870(H)mm

Tumbling Dryer
Quantity: 6 buckets
Bucket size: 650 x 810mm
Dimension: 5400 x 900 x 1220mm
Electric power: 7kw


* Gelatine melting tank
* Gelatine service tank
* Medicine service tank
* Vacuum and homo mixer
* Colloid mill 
* Capsule dryer vat
* Soft capsule pulverizer
* Polishing machine
* Capsule size inspection machine
* Gelatine net recycling tank
* Vat trailer 
* Vibrating sieve
CS-M3 Soft Gelatin Manufacturing Machine

The CS-M3 is a hybrid of the CS-M1 and the CS-M2 machines. It features about aSoft Gelatin Manufacturing Machine 30% increase in capsule output compared to the CS-M2 machine. The end product quality has been improved by inclusion of air conveying the capsules from the machine to the conveyor. The conveyor itself has been improved to eliminate problems of capsule transfer to the tumble dryer. The machine, conveyer, and tumble dryer are all centrally controlled and the design of the die roll sets has been improved. A further improvement is the reduction of lubricating oil to the gelatin ribbons.

* Solvent free system (optional)
* Ease and simple operation.
* High production capacity.
* Precise and highly accurate filling vvMechanism of liquid filler.
* Wide application to suit different fcshapes and sizes of capsules.
* Beautiful appearance and sanitary vfconstruction using stainless steel
  and special alloys

Weight : (Approx) 900kg
Variable Speed Motor : 1.5KW, 220V, 3P(380V, 415V (OPTION))
Power consumption : (Approx) 13KW
Size of die Roll : 103 x 183mm
Quantity of pistous : 12each

CS-M2:700(L) x 950(W) x 1900(H)mm
CS-M3:750(L) x 950(W) x 1900(H)mm

CS-J1/CS-JM3 Soft Gelatin Manufacturing Machines

The CS-J1 soft capsule machine has been developed using 20 years of accumulatedSoft Gelatin Manufacturing Machines knowledge and is the first mass production soft capsule machine ever produced. I will give ultimate satisfaction to manufacturers of soft gelatin capsules. The CS-J1 has about twice the capsule output of the CS-M3, and through improved die design has reduced the gelatin raw material cost dramatically. An P.I.D. controller, which is vastly improved over the CS-M3 controller, maintains the segment temperature with ultra precision, which makes the sealing process perfect. A newly developed medicine pump reduces the error of capsule fill volume to 0.06ml. The CS-J1 uses state-of-the-art control methods for all its components

Blister Packing M/C

CBP-M5 is a superior P.T.P. Packaging machine at an optimal price, manufactured as a more compact low-price machine based on the high technology accumulated and developed to date by company.  Compare this machine's high economy values, such as versatility, material range, space requirements, material economizer system, and give us your order.  Additionally, the CCBP-M5 has the following state-of-the-art features:

Touch button type mould changeB TYPE GELATIN

    Compact, economical design

Low noise, high efficienclky through power system composed of light-weight    trimming die set and consecutive operating system, based on material economizer, "Zero Scrap in Film Flow Direction"


Our gelatin produces B type gelatin only. We specialize in the industrial, food and, especially, pharmaceutical grade of gelatin. Various kinds of gelatin have been produced by our qualified staffs and modernized facilities. Gelatin has abundant experience in supplying gelatin with high reputation and quality to overseas and domestic customers.

Pharmaceutical Gelatin

Pharmaceutical GelatinFilm-forming ability of gelatin finds many applications in the pharmaceutical products. Gelatin capsules prevent oxidation and vaporization of the contents. Capsules dissolve in the stomach within a few minutes and remain stable on storage.

Those things are determined by properties of gelatin. Our gelatin has high quality of gel strength, viscosity and transmittance, therefore, Our gelatin is used for the encapsulation purpose such as hard, soft, mini and microcapsules, and is most suitable for making capsules. Our gelatin is also used for the pap stupe, tablets, suppository hemostatic and others.

Edible Gelatin

Gelatin is high protein and low calorie natural product. Being a protein, it is also a very useful nutritive component and it is, of course, free from cholesterol.

A lot of food manufacturers use gelatin and our gelatin is used in making food, confectionery and beverage due to the gelatin's unique properties. Gelatin is used in food as a gelling, thickener, adhesive, foaming and fining agent.

Industrial Gelatin

Gelatin is used for industrial specialties such as musical instruments, furniture, fruits imitation, matches and glue. Tub-sizing or surface sizing with gelatin has been used in paper making for many years.

Our Gelatin provides various kinds of gelatin, suitable for the uses and requirements of the customers. We provide 40∼240 BL gelatin to our customers with best quality and great satisfaction.

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