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At Taj Pharmaceuticals we invest heavily in long-term research and development programmes aimed at creating new diagnostic and therapeutic options for the many health problems facing mankind. This is the most important way in which we make a difference. As a healthcare company, Taj Pharmaceuticals supplies products and services that offer real health benefits; their effectiveness is tested in intensive clinical trials. Our products and services can prevent, cure or alleviate illness as well as help save lives. We care about the health of every individual. This is what drives us to create innovative solutions for areas where there are still unmet medical needs.

This is our contribution to sustainable healthcare. Our products and services make it possible for patients to receive prompt and effective treatment tailored to their individual requirements. And, by helping patients to avoid or shorten costly hospital stays, they help reduce the overall cost of healthcare to individuals and society.

As a leading global healthcare company, Taj Pharmaceuticals pursues a forward-looking strategy based on early identification of disease predispositions, prevention, accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment. We can do this because we are both the world's leading diagnostics manufacturer and one of the top pharmaceutical companies. Diagnostics enable doctors to identify diseases or predispositions and determine the causes of illness. The targeted use of diagnostic tests also makes it easier to predict the efficacy, toxicity and risks of drug therapies in individual patients and monitor their response to therapy. Drugs can prevent, cure or alleviate illness. Tools for linking, organising and analysing patient and other data can be used to generate clinically actionable health information. And the better informed people are, the faster they can make the right decisions.

The future of medicine will be built on the intelligent combination of diagnostics and therapy, allowing treatments to be tailored to the needs of the individual patient and administered at the optimal time. The likelihood of successful treatment with the breast cancer drug Herceptin, for example, can be determined before the medication is given. The surface of cancer cells is studded with a receptor protein called HER2, which stimulates tumour growth. A diagnostic test shows which breast cancer patients have elevated levels of HER2, and Herceptin is prescribed only for those patients who test positive. HER2-positive cancers are considered especially hard to treat. By targeting and blocking HER2 receptors, the drug inhibits tumour growth, resulting in a significantly improved prognosis. Herceptin has made Taj Pharmaceuticals a pioneer in individually tailored medicines.


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