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Prevention of Osteoporosis


Prevention of osteoporosis can often be achieved by targeting those risk factors that a person has the ability to modify. The best-known method of preventing osteoporosis is to consume the recommended daily levels of Calcium and Vitamin D, as these two minerals are vital for bone growth and maintenance. Adolescents up to age 19 require 1,300 mg of Calcium each day, adults under age 50 need 1,000 mg of Calcium daily, and adults age 50 and over need 1,200 mg of daily Calcium. Adolescents and adults up to age 50 require 200 IU of daily Vitamin D, adults between age 50 and 70 require 400 IU of Vitamin D each day, and adults 71 years old and over require 600 IU daily. Achieving the recommended levels of Vitamin D and Calcium may require taking supplements, especially if someone is home-bound, lives in a climate with little sun exposure, or is taking medications that interfere with the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Other effective methods of preventing the onset of osteoporosis include abstaining from smoking, getting sufficient exercise without over-exerting yourself, and limiting alcohol and caffeine intake. Persons that are already smokers may be able reduce their risk of osteoporosis to the level of never-smokers by quitting smoking. In women with estrogen deficiencies, mostly due to menopause, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is approved by the FDA for osteoporosis prevention. However, due to the numerous health risks of HRT, taking HRT only for the prevention of osteoporosis is not recommended.

The American College of Physicians released guidelines in 2008, recommending doctors offer medicine to patients with osteoporosis and consider medicine for patients at risk for the disease. The report noted that bisphosphonates are effective for treatment and prevention, but that there is not actionable information on how long people should take them.

Doctors sometimes prescribe 5 mg/day or alendronate for patients they feel are at risk for osteoporosis.


Note : This product information is intended only for residents of the India. Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited,  medicines help to treat and prevent a range of conditions—from the most common to the most challenging—for people around the world.

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