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  Stomach ache in children  
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Stomach ache in children  



How To Cure Stomach Aches In Children

Children often suffer from stomach aches and more often than not, they donít tell it. The pain may be mild or severe, but must not be ignored. Stomach pain can occur due to many reasons, such as eating something from the outside, ulcers, constipation, food poisoning, etc. Though these are usual causes, there may result in bigger problems that are quite serious in nature, like kidney stones, urinary tract infection, gall bladder inflammation, appendicitis, etc. One must not ignore kids, when they complain of having stomach aches. In the following lines, we have provided effective home remedies on how to cure stomach ache in children. If the problem persists despite treating your child with these home remedies, a visit to the doctor is advised.


1. SObserve your child's overall health. If your child has diarrhea, vomiting or both, she probably has gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis (sometimes erroneously called "stomach flu") is caused by a virus and cannot be treated with antibiotics. However, you should make every effort to keep your child hydrated. Children become dehydrated very quickly.

2. Determine if your child has any other symptoms, such as headache or fever. If so, call your pediatrician to aid you in diagnosing the problem.

3. Palpate your child's abdomen gently. If your child is in enough discomfort that he won't let you do this, he may have gastroenteritis or appendicitis. If the stomach ache lasts more than 3 hours, call your pediatrician.

4. Jot down when your child complains of stomach aches to see if there is a pattern. Children who have a history of stomach aches but are otherwise symptom free may be feeling stressed out about something, such as peer pressure, a transition to a new day care provider or parents who are fighting.

5. Note whether your child passes gas or frequently has running stools. This could be a sign of lactose intolerance or celiac disease. If you suspect either of these conditions, contact your pediatrician who can help you rule these diseases out or treat them if in fact your child has one or the other condition.

Tips & Warnings

Lactose intolerance is relatively easy to treat by changing your child's diet and using over-the-counter medicines. Some parents have found success treating their child's lactose intolerance using probiotics. Ask your doctor for advice.

Never force a child with a stomach ache to eat. However, do encourage fluids. Ice pops, ginger ale, gelatin desserts such as Jello and sugar-free juices cut with water are good to use.

If your child is younger than 1, call your pediatrician immediately if you suspect abdominal pain.

A stomach ache that lasts for more than 3 hours, either with or without vomiting or diarrhea, should be promptly evaluated by your pediatrician.

Other warning signs to watch out for are stomach aches that are accompanied by swelling in the groin or testicles, greenish-yellow vomit or blood in your child's stool. If you observe any of these in your child, call your pediatrician immediately.


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