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Employment Policy




Taj Pharmaceutical's Corporate Principles express our conviction that our company's success depends on the talent and performance of dedicated employees. In adopting the present policy, Taj Pharmaceuticals commits itself to the employment practices set out in this Directive which also defines the company's expectations towards its current and future employees.

Taj Pharmaceuticals strives to be a company that enjoys the pride of its employees by offering an innovative, ethical, growth-oriented and challenging workplace with the expectation that everybody contributes to the results and shares in the success of the company.

We are committed to promoting mutual respect, trust and integrity. We believe each employee is entitled to fair, courteous and dignified treatment during the hiring process, while employed and at the end of employment. Taj Pharmaceuticals takes suitable measures to ensure that the rights of employees within the company are adequately protected.

The practices set out in this policy are general and establish a uniform minimum standard to be applied by all Taj Pharmaceuticals companies and employees.

Recruitment, Promotion and Development of Talent

We recruit and promote people based on their suitability for the position and potential to make future contributions.

We recognize the value that employees create for the company. Taj Pharmaceuticals takes appropriate action to gain the benefit of effective and efficient knowledge sharing within and across work teams.

Taj Pharmaceuticals also provides on-going training and development.  Each local site has its own policy on training, aligned to local needs and labour laws. We also provide global training programmers in a variety of areas, such as people management and leadership.

The annual performance appraisal provides an opportunity to discuss development.


We consider information-sharing and open communication as key for achieving our goals. All employees have the right and are encouraged to actively communicate with superiors and colleagues. Two-way communication is also an essential part of regular and informal feedback and performance reviews.


We remunerate according to the skills, performance and experience of our employees based on local competitive conditions. We also offer benefits in accordance with local market practices. We provide our employees with benefits to help prevent and protect against illness and injuries at work. We also support our employees in building financial provisions for their retirement in accordance with local labour and social security laws and market practices.


Taj Pharmaceuticals connects people. We recognize that the diversity of our people is a source of strength. The differing backgrounds, culture, language and ideas of our people help us to maintain a competitive edge through innovation.

Prohibition of Discrimination

Taj Pharmaceuticals does not tolerate discrimination in the workplace based on gender, race, age, colour, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or any other characteristics protected by applicable laws where Taj Pharmaceuticals operates.

No Acceptance of Harassment

We do not tolerate any mental, physical or sexual harassment or any other infringement that violates an employee's right to dignity and respect in the workplace. In the case of harassment, the responsible Taj Pharmaceuticals superior has to ensure  its termination and assess the appropriate action to be taken. Employees are encouraged to report any instance of harassment to their supervisor or HR manager immediately.

Forced and Child Labour

Taj Pharmaceuticals is against all forms of forced and compulsory labour. Taj Pharmaceuticals does not accept the employment of children except under circumstances that protect their welfare and as permitted by law.

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Taj Pharmaceuticals is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and others potentially affected by Taj Pharmaceutical's activities. Equally, Taj Pharmaceuticals employees must comply with health, safety and environmental protection regulations in force at Taj Pharmaceuticals.

Freedom of Affiliation

We respect the right of all employees to join any legally recognised employee association and will comply with any laws relating to employee representation. Wherever there is an employee representation, we strive to maintain an open dialogue with these delegations.

Employer's Expectations

All employees should respect Taj Pharmaceutical's corporate values and principles. They are expected to be committed to Taj Pharmaceuticals, to behave ethically and within the law and to treat fellow employees with mutual trust and respect.

Our people are expected to conduct the company's business with honesty and integrity and in a professional manner that fosters the company's reputation. Taj Pharmaceuticals employees handle confidential information with due care and skill, acting in the interests of Taj Pharmaceuticals.

Employees are to seek advice and direction when the requirements of the law or of good business practice appear unclear.


Taj Pharmaceuticals is committed to upholding this employment policy and making it live. Likewise the company expects all employees to act in accordance with the policy. If any employee suspects this policy is being violated, they should bring this to their superior's or human resource contact's attention immediately. The responsible Taj Pharmaceuticals superior has to take the necessary steps to terminate violation of any provision of this Directive. No employee will be disadvantaged if she/he reports a violation or demands the application of this employment policy.

All Taj Pharmaceuticals companies have individually to ensure that this employment policy is properly implemented in their local employment practices and will ensure that all local policies  are developed and communicated to meet the minimum standards. In determining the appropriate local employment practice, they assess the prevailing parameters and inform all employees accordingly.

Our Corporate Compliance Officer is charged with upholding the Taj Pharmaceuticals Corporate Principles around the globe and in this function also supervises the implementation of this Directive. The Corporate Compliance Officer reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Entry into Force

This Employment Policy was adopted since the incorporation of our Prestigious organization.
















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  Employment Policy
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