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At Taj Pharma, we continually strive to hire, develop and retain exceptionally talented individuals across all organisational lines of our business. We seek to employ capable, motivated and enthusiastic individuals who have a genuine desire to work in our industry, and our ideal candidate is one who demonstrates leadership skills, and the ability to work in a team. Taj Pharma maintains several values that are integral to the way we do business, and we expect all employees to share, recognise and endorse these values throughout the course of their daily business.

We offer our employees competitive rates of remuneration and attractive incentives, and because we acknowledge that they are the source of our success, we do all we can to value, challenge and reward them for their efforts and commitment to the organisation through a broad range of awards, recognition and advancement opportunities. At Taj Pharma, we believe in the personal capabilities of our staff, and invest in the personal growth of our people by encouraging each and every member of our team, across the Company, to enhance their current skills and develop new ones, through a multitude of in-house training programmes, and external training opportunities.

At Taj Pharma, our work environment is very important, and we consider it to be one of our top priorities to provide our employees with a healthy and safe working environment, where they can openly communicate and exchange innovative and productive ideas.
When hiring, we look for intelligent, passionate and hardworking individuals who retain an excellent scholastic record and also have a dynamic professional background. But, we also look at personality and accomplishments beyond the workplace, with social and extra-curricular activities serving as an advantage.

Our salaries are in the upper quarter of the job market, and we are an equal opportunity employer with a diverse workforce. We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment, and we do not differentiate in gender when hiring.

At Taj Pharma, we have a perception on how to treat our employees, because they are our greatest asset. We help our new employees identify with how they fit in to our company, and we are firm believers that from the onset, if you are kind to people, the kindness is reciprocated. From day one, we create a professional and friendly environment for newcomers, and let them know that we are a company where everyone is treated equally by management and by peers, regardless of level or position. We also offer our new employees opportunities for on-the-job training at our training center or at institutions within or beyond the company.

Taj Pharma employees are of different races, different nationalities, and different religions, but they are joined by one identity and one commonality:

The Taj Pharma Identity.

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Taj Pharma
is an research-based worldwide pharmaceutical company with a diverse combination of skills, resources, and capabilities that provide a platform from which to perform effectively in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Taj Pharma has always believed that its strength lies within the talent it attracts and retains.

Whether it is Formal Learning and Development processes or Career Planning Processes, the attempt is always to develop individuals who can build an aggressive, growth oriented environment.
quality people
We strongly appreciate, that fundamentally quality work depends on quality people.

We respond to this by nurturing people of high ethical standards and conduct and by developing their competencies across disciplines, to equip them adequately to participate and contribute in the global healthcare revolution Taj Pharma is proud to be a part of.

The key elements of our human resource program is focused on :

* HR transformation program
* Building organizational and individual capabilities, and
* Enhancing productivity to drive sustainable business growth

Note: Any application should be sent with detailed CV and Cover Letter to work for Taj Pharma India.


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