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Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited is committed to earning the trust of doctors, patients and customers every day. Our colleagues worldwide believe that trust is not easily granted, and that is the reason we focus each day on becoming a champion for our stakeholders.

During the past ten  years, Taj Pharmaceuticals Group has been building a new kind of health care company. Throughout Taj Pharma Group (India), there’s a desire to build long-term relationships with our stakeholders based on mutual confidence. This is evident in many ways. Our scientists are earning trust through the discovery and development of innovative, science-based medicines and services that improve the health and well-being of people around the world. Our sales professionals, marketing teams, colleagues working at our plants and others throughout the organization at all levels of responsibility take each day as a fresh opportunity to earn trust.

All of this takes hard work, sharp execution, integrity and transparency on the part of Taj Pharmaceuticals Group colleagues. Our global team is working to sustain and expand innovative new treatments. We’re determined to do our part to increase access to better health care for all people. And, we are focused on becoming the best in three key strategic areas: people, products and processes.

We’re beginning to see the results of our efforts, but believe the best is yet to come. The test of being a true champion is to never give up and to passionately strive for even better outcomes. From our perspective as a health care company, that means helping people around the world live better and live longer.

On affordability’s real enemy:
The most important thing for us to have a holistic view of value is to have a holistic view of cost, because when you look at the cost of the natural disease, it’s actually cancer we can’t afford.

"Affordability is critical so that patients have access to medicines.
There are illnesses that could bankrupt our society & It’s People,
if we don't get good solutions to them,
" Taj Pharma CEO says. (Abhishek k Singh)

MR. A.K.Singh
CEO - Taj Group

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abhishek singh ceo taj


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Abhishek Kumar Singh - Taj Pharma CEO

(MR. A. K. Singh)
Chief Executive Officer

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abhishek singh ceo taj

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CEO Message

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