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Website Copyright Statement

The contents and design of this website, including Authority logos, are the property of the Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited India, and are protected under copyright law and international treaty.

All rights reserved. Except under the conditions described in the Copyright Act 1968 and subsequent amendments, no part of this website may be reproduced or communicated by any process without prior permission in writing from

Copyright Officer
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Mumbai- 400 053.

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Copying or downloading files from this website: There is no reproduction and communication except as outlined below.

An individual may download or print out a file for their personal use only.

All other uses are subject to permission.

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Subject to certain conditions, the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED welcomes links from other websites to its website http://www.tajpharma.com/  Please observe the following conditions:

  1. The TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED requests that you notify us when you create a link. The TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED reserves the right to refuse permission for a link to be made at its sole discretion. For example, permission is not granted to link to this website if the link is in deemed to be in contravention of government policy or not in the public interest.
  2. Links must be presented in a way which fairly represents the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITEDís role and its material. Links, including the content of your site, must not disparage or embarrass the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED or expose the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED to any risk of liability under any law. Your website must not contain any material that is defamatory, pornographic, obscene, discriminatory, harassing, grossly offensive, malicious, objectionable, unlawful or otherwise contrary to accepted standards of public decency and good taste as determined in the sole discretion of the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED.
  3. The context in which you insert the link must not give your visitors the impression that your site, or your company or organisation, is sponsored or endorsed by the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED.
  4. The context of the link must not suggest that the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED has created any of your content, ie the source of the material must be clear.
  5. You must not use the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED website for commercial purposes.
  6. All material appearing on the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED website (including website design) is the property of the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED unless otherwise indicated. Except as permitted by law, you must not change TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED property on this website in any way (eg. by framing, reformatting or altering files, forms, pages, information, images and materials) and you must not use TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED material or reproduce TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED logos without express prior written approval from the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED. Further information on the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITEDís Copyright Policy is available at http://www.tajpharma.com/Copyright-taj-pharmaceuticals.htm
  7. The TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by you or any third party arising out of or in connection with your linking or being unable to link to its website.
  8. The TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED reserves the right to change these conditions at any time or prevent linking without notice, or to require the removal of any link to its website, at its sole discretion at any time
  9. The TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED is not responsible for informing you of any changes to the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED website which may cause your link to break. It is the responsibility of each website owner to manage their links to ensure broken links are removed or updated. Providing and maintaining a link to any TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED website content signifies your agreement to the conditions set out above.

If you have any queries regarding linking to this website or you see any TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED material or link to the TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED website and you believe the links or use of material contravene our policies Ė please contact the Web Unit with the web address (or URL) of the site in question tajgroup@tajpharma.com  

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